Who we are?



RUCS Konsult Corp. was established on July 2001 by the leadership of a Filipino-Chinese, Engr. Rico I. Uy. It started as a designing group, and sub-contractor, then eventually as out of home advertising provider and general contractor.
The company has grown on firm foundation of trust, experience and innovation. Its expertise in the world of out of home advertising has gained so much respect that led the company to be one of the top valued in the industry. The company established alliances with local and international partners to keep abreast and strategize global advertising trends.
For the past 15 years, the company’s expansion is undeniably impressive. The human resource is increasing and sales targets are consistently met. Presently, RUCS is known as one stop shop entity, catering outdoor, indoor and digital media nationwide.
Indeed, RUCS revealed undisputed courage to serve.



To uphold a one stop shop entity, providing a cost effective out-of-home advertising solutions across all platforms with a sense of social responsibility, promote a well-balanced environment for the welfare of human resources, and maintain moral conduct and camaraderie among members of the industry.



To be one of the TOP VALUED OOH Media players in the country, providing high value of ad spends, innovation and customer service.



RUCS Core Values are our guiding principle because they form a solid core of who we are, what we believe and what we want to become. It shapes our corporate culture and defines our character.


We believe that respect begets respect. We embrace each other’s individuality and recognize diverse work styles. Respect is the secret to finding the potential that exists within our employees which will ensure the long term success of our organization. We also have resilient thoughts. We find reasons for us to succeed, even if we struggle and fail. This mindset allows us to approach challenges with courage and optimism.


We foster teamwork and create synergy at every level in our organization. We are engaged and committed in building a united, winning team and care about the vision and purpose of our firm. Honesty is demonstrated by what we say and what we do. We exhibit integrity above reproach and keep clear, open and honest communications. We inspire trust by saying what we mean and assume ownership and responsibility of our actions.


We are committed to quality and excellent service. We persistently create better ways of doing the things that we do and aims to exceed expectations in every project. We create passion and value as an individual and as an organization.


We support our employees’ endeavor and facilitate employee engagement activities that can lift one’s self-esteem and empowerment to become passionate about their work within the company and in the community. Career development and training programs are also provided as we continually hone and shape our employees to be the best that they can be.

Our firm has well defined social responsibility programs which are instrumental in helping employees feel more engaged and aligned with the company’s mission, vision and values.